Pre-admission assessment

Your Journey
As part of your care with us, we will usually ask you to come in for an appointment ahead of your treatment. It is important that we check everything is ok prior to your operation and, for many treatments, we need to carry out several tests in preparation. Enquiries & appointments

Your assessment will involve some questions around your health and lifestyle, medical history, any medication you are currently taking and any allergies you may have.

Before you come in

Before you attend your pre-admission assessment, please check the following:

  • I have received my Admissions Pack in the post
  • I have arranged for a responsible adult to accompany me home and to stay with me for 24 hours following my operation
  • I have a supply of pain relief tablets at home (if advised by my Consultant that it’s safe for me to use them)
  • I have continued to take my regular medicines on the day of admission and at my usual time (unless advised otherwise by my Consultant or pre-assessment nurse).

Your pre-admission medical assessment is also a good opportunity to inform your nurse of any concerns or requirements you may have, so that we can provide the adjustments to make your visit as safe and comfortable as possible. You will also receive advice about your admission, including where you will need to be on the day and how long you are likely to be in hospital.